"Take an object.

Do something to it.

Do something else".        Jasper Johns


My work is often inspired by the natural world and natural processes related to the passage of time - the effects on shapes and surfaces as they are subjected to heat, cold air and water. Images related to the growth and decay of plant forms serve as a reminder of the fragility of our environment and the effects we have on it. Microscopic images reveal wonderful shapes and structures.

My most recent work has been examining personal collections which hold memories of people, times and places. My work is multidisciplinary. The textile techniques I employ vary with the concept and the context in which I am working. I like to re-use, re-purpose and recycle where possible.  Starting with items inherited from family members or or other unloved discarded materials, I set out to give these a new life. 

 I particularly enjoy the challenge of site specific work and working with museum collections.